In our belief of the ability of students of both genders to seek a creative approach to realize their aspirations, as well as in their outstanding ability to determine and solve their problems through innovative means, and out of our concern to take advantage of these potentialities and capabilities, the Student Advisory Council was formed. The Council provides students with an open environment to raise for discussion all issues of concern such as academic programs, cultural, sports and social activities, challenges facing students, discussions on addressing those challenges directly and attempting to avail students’ proposals to benefit the College at all levels.

Objectives of the Student Council:

  • Create an opportunity for male and female students to express their views, proposals and challenges they face inside and outside the College.
  • Train students to work cooperatively in a team and promote their creativity.
  • Strengthen the spirit of belonging and encourage students’ participation in all College activities.
  • Develop skills, create a level of intimacy and strengthen affection and closeness.
  • Train students to take responsibility for planning, execution and follow up on their proposals in order to prepare them to become effective and productive calibers who will benefit the College and their country in future.

Meeting Schedules:

The Student Advisory Council meets at least twice every semester. Other meetings may be convened as necessary.

Dr. Hani bin Abdullah Anber Alhadrami

Head of the Student Advisory Council

Dr. Hadeel Sadoon Shehab Alsadoon

Secretary to the Student Advisory Council